Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Sheet

Decorative Finish

At GHT, our stainless steel sheets surface treatment are crafted with precision and innovation to create a variety of textures and finishes that cater to our customers’ unique requests. By fine-tuning our processing techniques, we offer an array of exquisite designs and patterns exclusively in stainless steel.

Our products are the choice for designers, architects, and contractors looking to infuse spaces with a distinctive and elegant aesthetic. We are dedicated to helping our clients bring their creative visions to life, providing materials that combine beauty with functionality.”

Basic Finish of Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel’s basic finishes include mirror (no.8/8k), hairline(HL), and no.4 polishing. These foundational finishes often precede intricate pattern designs. For hairline and satin sheets, we recommend an anti-fingerprint(AFP) treatment for easier installation.

mirror stainless steel sheet finish
Mirror Stainless Steel

Mirror stainless steel sheets, available in various grind levels (8k, 10k, 12k), offer reflective surfaces ideal for enhancing light and aesthetics in any setting. Perfect for modern designs and combined easily with PVD color coating.

Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet Finish
Hairline Stainless Steel

Our Hairline stainless steel sheets are finely polished with parallel lines for a unique texture. This dust-resistant and smooth finish, achieved through satin grinding and varying sand types, retains its uniform look over time on 0.3mm-3mm thick sheets.

No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet Finish
No.4 Stainless Steel

No.4 finish stainless steel sheets, created with No. 180-320 grit belts, offer a distinctive unidirectional texture with subdued shine. The versatile finish, achievable through dry or wet grinding, suits decorative sheets of 0.3mm and much thicker thickness.

Advanced Patterns & Finishes of Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel’s advanced finishes include embossed stainless steel, stamped stainless steel, and etched stainless steel, pvd stainless steel, antique stainless steel, water ripple steel and others. These advanced finishes often precede intricate pattern designs. 

Advanced finishes on stainless steel not only enhance the material’s aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its functionality. These finishes improve surface resistance to wear, scratching, and corrosion, extending the material’s longevity. They add depth and texture, enabling stainless steel to embody various design styles from modern to classic.

embossed square cube stainless steel sheet (7)
Embossed Stainless Steel

Through embossing, our 6K mirror finish stainless steel coils are molded into three-dimensional designs like leather, wood, and floral patterns. Available in 0.3mm-2mm thickness, these sheets resist scratches and add a dynamic 3D texture.

stainless steel sheet textured 6WH (4)
Stamped Stainless Steel

Our precision-molded stamped stainless steel sheets feature intricate concave and convex patterns for a striking appearance. Ideal for PVD color coating combinations, these eco-friendly sheets are best in 0.8mm-2.0mm thickness, offering durability and aesthetic appeal.

etched stainless steel sheet
Etched Stainless Steel

Our etched stainless steel sheets are crafted using a chemical process to create unique patterns, featuring a multi-stage processing that includes surface preparation, acid etching, and finishing techniques for an exquisite design.

Vibration Stainless Steel Sheet
Vibration Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel vibration sheets are created with advanced swinging grinding techniques, producing a visually intriguing effect. This sought-after finish, ideal for 0.3mm-3mm thickness, can be enhanced with electroplating or PVD color coating for added durability.

bead blasted finish stainless steel sheet
Bead Blasted Stainless Steel

Our bead blast finish on stainless steel sheets is achieved through precision machine spraying of fine beads, enhancing the surface with a subtly textured appearance. This process, ideal for 0.5mm-3.0mm thickness, enhances corrosion and oxidation resistance for diverse industrial uses.

Rose Gold Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet (7)
PVD Stainless Steel

PVD-coated stainless steel offers vibrant and durable colors through a vacuum deposition process, enhancing the metal's natural elegance. Compatible with various basic and advanced finishes, it's tailored for diverse decorative purposes by our specialized team.

antique stainless steel sheet
Antique Stainless Steel

Our 'Antique' finish on stainless steel is achieved through special treatments like brushed, distressed, or patina application, creating a sophisticated, aged effect ideal for historical and luxurious spaces.

Water Ripple Stainless Steel Sheet
Water Ripple Stainless Steel

Our water ripple stainless steel sheets, crafted using advanced stamping technology, create a mesmerizing wave-like pattern, mirroring its surroundings with a dynamic sheen. Ideal for upscale applications, these sheets are available in 304, 316L grades, perfect for artistic and architectural uses.

anti fingerprint stainless steel
AFP Stainless Steel

Our anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheets utilize a nano-coating that renders fingerprints and stains nearly invisible, maintaining the metal's shine. This innovative coating, comprising elements like Polyether copolymer and amino resin, enhances both fingerprint resistance and corrosion protection.

How Is The Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet Applied?


How We Pack

In GHT, all of our stainless steel sheets are packaged as per international standard to prevent any possible damage or loss. By default, we will use brown paper to cover SS sheets and then bundle them together onto wooden pallets. At times, upon some customers’ requests, we will also apply reinforced package with extra metal straps fixed on the four corners, though this can incur extra cost. For enhanced customer experience, we also accept customized package as per your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. We promise a minimum 90% match to the sample’s finish standard, including pattern and colour.

TISCO, ZPSS, JISCO, Lisco, Baoxin, Hongwang, Yongjin, Aoxing, etc

We can provide stock decorative  stainless steel sheet samples for you to check the quality. Stock sample is free and you just pay the freight. Also customized finish is avaiable and chargeable.

Yes, we offer customization services for our stainless steel products based on your specific requirements, from thickness, width to grade. Just let us know your application.

We’ve exported to more than 31 countries, such as Canada, Russia, UAE, Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam etc.

Trial orders can be delivered within a week. For regular orders, it takes 7-30 days roughly.

All products are subject to three checks throughout the manufacturing process, including mill material processing, decorative finish productioning and packaging.

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