Ferritic Stainless Steel

Ferritic, distinguished by its high chromium content (10.5% – 27%) and a body-centered cubic crystal structure, marks its prominence in the stainless steel category. This steel variant offers enhanced corrosion resistance and magnetic properties, suited for applications requiring durability against corrosive elements.

What is Ferritic Stainless Steel


Ferritic alloy, known for its high chromium content (10.5% – 27%), combines magnetic properties with low carbon and minimal to no nickel content. As the chromium level increases, so does its corrosion resistance, toughness, and weldability, making it particularly resistant to chloride stress corrosion. Prominent ferritic grades include Cr17, Cr17Mo2Ti, Cr25, Cr25Mo3Ti, and Cr28.

Key Features of Ferritic Steel

Characterized by outstanding corrosion and oxidation resistance, ferritic alloy’s high chromium content also contributes to its notable high temperature oxidation resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. However, it has lower mechanical properties and machinability. It’s ideal for low-stress acid-resistant structures and as anti-oxidation steel. This steel type excels in environments such as atmospheric conditions, nitric acid, and saline solutions, making it suitable for nitric acid and food factory equipment, as well as high-temperature parts like gas turbine components.

Ferritic Solution

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